Sunday, September 17, 2006

Time for an Intervention

Islam, you have a problem. Those with eyes not blinded by bullshit appeasement and codependency see it.

Many years ago, I knew a guy who was an artist and a recovering alcoholic. He always depicted himself in his paintings as a Pierrot, an object of scorn and ridicule to him. I remember his Pierrot's eyes: rectangular and black, lifeless, unsettling and scary. The body was boxlike, all angles and sharp corners. In one of his paintings, one Pierrot looked as if he were ice skating down a slope, one arm extended, carrying another Pierrot on his back. The surrounding colors were green mixed with red and blue, but they got darker and turned into complete blackness in the direction the Pierrot was aiming.

His name for the painting: Codependency.

A major world religion is sliding quickly into a Hell of its own making, one it wants the rest of the world to join, where no woman is safe, where children are brought up to believe that killing themselves is the highest honor there is, where you are either taxed or executed for not subscribing to their fantasy.

Riding on its back, the appeasers in all their forms: mainstream media, peace activists, apologist politicians, conspiracy theorists trying like hell to divert everyone's attention for the real reason this nation was attacked on September 11, celebrities who are suddenly experts in stuff other than how to get their faces on Entertainment Weekly, and this group.

In this post I compared a lot of what's going on in this fight with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. And I mentioned the final fight Batman has with the Joker in a dark tunnel of love, and where this fight we're in will end up.

I remember the codependency painting. Where the Pierrot was heading.

Down into someplace dark.

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