Saturday, August 26, 2006

Heavy Shtetl*

Jews Rock!

*Shtetl - a small town or village with a large Jewish population (thanks to Wikipedia).

Proud of The Chief

My editor at Louisville Music News is cutting his first record.

Hitchens Flips Off Bill Maher's Audience

On Friday night's episode of Real Time.

Good for him, I say. Smug audiences that fill Maher's show and Stewart's
Daily Show sometimes need to get the middle digit from someone who just might have a different, and probably more informed, opinion than the groupthink they get from Kos, the Huffington Post, and the MSM.

(h/t: Pajamas Media)

UPDATE: Apparently, there have been worse things on TV than Maher.

Friday, August 25, 2006

They Walked Among Us!

And apparently they were dumbasses.

Most telling quote:
"I'm gonna tell you there's two major buildings that you gotta blow up. The Empire State Building and … the uh, and the uh, Sears Tower. With those two buildings down, all radio communication is out. . . ."
To be sure, as was once said of the IRA bombers, they only have to be lucky once.

Wilkommen. . .Bienvenue. . .Welcome

Hi. I've officially joined the Blogosphere today. Hats 'n horns for everybody! Posting here will either be sporadic or regular, depending on how I feel or what I have to say. How's that for being noncommital!

Either way, I hope I manage to say something worthwhile.

Thanks for stopping by.