Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast And What Ho!

(that's "What ho" as in "What's up," not "What ho stole my wallet?")

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Go shivver somebody's timbers, me hearties!

Also: What ho, my lords 'n ladies! Prithee, click upon this very text and allow thine eyes to behold all works of Merrie Master Shakespeare rendered searchable by the ethereal device of which you now use.

Sorry, you can only limit your blue language search to words like "hell" and "damn." He never used any of the good ones. In his plays, at least. But "ass" yields 77 results. One of the best:

'Tis true; she rides me and I long for grass.
'Tis so, I am an ass. . .
--The Comedy of Errors,
Act II, Scene ii

Or what Hamlet said (also Act II, Scene ii):

Then came each actor on his ass. . .

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