Friday, August 25, 2006

Wilkommen. . .Bienvenue. . .Welcome

Hi. I've officially joined the Blogosphere today. Hats 'n horns for everybody! Posting here will either be sporadic or regular, depending on how I feel or what I have to say. How's that for being noncommital!

Either way, I hope I manage to say something worthwhile.

Thanks for stopping by.


Laura said...

Well it's about time! :D

Gottafang said...

Yeah, this should be fun.

By the way, are you married?

Charlotte said...

Welcome! :)


Sarah said...

Yay! Welcome to bloggy goodness!

Gottafang said...

Thank you both so much. Guess I gotta write some stuff besides my welcome message.

Laura said...

By the way, are you married?

Ha! Ha!

Elizabeth said...

welcome to the ranks of the blogger nerds!