Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"My Opponent Basically Sucks Old Sour Dishrags"

Our TV was on early Monday evening, but neither my wife and I paid much attention to it. She was busy editing some pictures she had taken while a delicious dinner simmered on the stove. I had just finished a shower after cutting the grass for the final time this year (I hope). I glanced at it while walking back to the bedroom. A political ad was on. Not surprising, since they're now running nearly non-stop and back-to-back on local TV, just in case we've forgotten that there's an election in November. And by the way, my opponent basically sucks old sour dishrags. Consider that when you go to vote.

Yes, we know. You've told us that. Many times. Thanks for the reminder. No, it probably won't change my mind.

But the station we had on ran back-to-back-to-back-to-back ads for incumbents and their opponents in a three-minute block. And now I'm officially disgusted. Not even anywhere close to being amused.

Here in our area there are three important Congressional races: the Second and Third districts in Kentucky, and the Ninth in Indiana. All seats are currenly held by Republicans (Ron Lewis, Anne Northup, and Mike Sodrel, respectively). To be honest, all six are running MOBSOSD ads. But at this point, for me, I already know who will get my vote in about four weeks. And I think the same is true of other voters, too. So I don't care if a candidate thinks his or her opponent BSOSD. . .with or without much skill.

I like what James Lileks said in this fine piece for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
"I often vote for people based on lawn signs, just like I find myself frequently bidding on houses that have For Sale signs."
For those of us whose minds are made up, Ignore Your TV.

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