Sunday, October 29, 2006

Books 'n Stuff

Sounds like a rather uncreative, generic name for a store that sells. . .well, books and stuff. But that's not what's this entry's about.

Harry Houdini, Secret Agent? Sounds plausible. This forthcoming biography of Houdini speculates he worked for the U.S. Secret Service, Scotland Yard, and monitored Russian anarchists. That he was America's First Superhero. Makes sense. Even Teller (of Penn &) doesn't think that's such a big leap. The guy
was good at disguising himself (from visiting a number of alleged spiritual mediums in order to bust them). He was agile, strong, smart. The only thing he didn't have? One of these:

Or one of her:

But he did have her:

Who knows. . .Bess Houdini as Bond Girl of her era? Hell, maybe she was the secret agent and Harry was only her cover.

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