Monday, October 02, 2006

Accessing My Inner 13-Year-Old Geek

Today was just a bad news day. I can't add anything more to what's been said. I grieve for the loss of those children. I have one in that age group, and my gut knots up when I hear of something like this done to any child. Anywhere.

Still, I did have a brief shot of joy this weekend when I found out that the lead for the upcoming Iron Man feature film had been cast. Robert Downey, Jr., will play millionaire industrialist, playboy, and some-time superhero. I enjoyed the Iron Man comic in my teens, but didn't have a lot of issues (of his book, that is). He seemed brusque, a bit too formal, and lacked wit. But how witty would you be if you always had to wear an iron suit to keep your heart working? And that you'd get your clock cleaned if some villian hit you in the right spot with the right kind of force?

So to get you ready, and to show off something my inner 13-year-old geek thinks is really, really cool, here's the Stark Industries Prototype:

a.k.a., Ol' Shellhead

See you in the theater in a couple of years.

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