Saturday, October 14, 2006

9-11 Truther Reax to South Park

The snarky WuzzaDem wades into the bongwater swamp and gets 9-11 Truther reactions to this past Wedesday's episode of South Park that took on the Kooky Konspiracy Kidz and their nonsense (which they proclaim as THE TRUTH, AND YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ABOUT IT AND BUY INTO WHAT WE SELL. REALLY, MAN! YOU SHEEPLE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. ESPECIALLY YOU, BILL O'REILLY. Hey, dude, put some fresh water in that thing and pass it around again) about 9-11.

(h/t: The Political Pit Bull, who has the entire episode, broken into three video segments, here)

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