Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A six year old burned to death for Muslim honor.

These people must pay and will pay. There is absolutely no reason why they should do this. None. At. All.

The mass murder on September 11, 2001 exposed these vile fuckers and their alleged religion for what it really is: a sick and twisted fantasy mindset that wants its way with the rest of the world, that can't stand any of the kind of criticism Judiasm, Christianity, or Hinduism gets thrown at them daily, whose apologists will never, ever acknowledge how lethal it is, who knows nothing but outrage and hate and a burning desire to gloriously wade through rivers of blood spilled by infidels.

Islam will bring hell to the Earth should it ever succeed in its aims to restore the caliphate.

That cannot be allowed to happen.

There is a war on. Western civilization must win it. Dixi!

UPDATE: Got an e-mail from a friend this morning who said she visited the blog, then asked if I'm trying to get myself killed. I said no, I'm just fed up. As is, if you checked the news a couple days ago, the former Archbishop of Canterbury (h/t: Professor Reynolds).

Meanwhile, this uppity Socialist dingbat pimps a Chomsky book, keeps telling us he smells someone's farts, and says the word "devil" enough that it sounds like he's trying to come up with a new set of lyrics to a Charlie Daniels song.

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