Saturday, September 02, 2006

Speaking of Guys Making Lists. . .

As I did a couple of posts ago, I watched a couple episodes of Star Trek on G4 this morning. They have a show called "filter," that features guy-oriented lists of things like "20 Things that Went from Cool to Crap," (first on the list is the Star Wars series) "17 Most Dangerous Women," (Lara Croft and Tonya Harding are ranked first and second) and "13 Really Bad Ideas" (where Competitive Eating ranks high).

My wife asked, "Why do guys make lists?" My answer should have been, "Well there are about five reasons." Instead, I said it is one way we used to handle and contain the vast amount of information we take in so that we can contextualize it and use it. Guys might live like slobs, but in our minds is a vast warehouse filled with filing cabinets that reach to infinite heights. We take in everything, believe it or not, then file it away conveniently. Our minds are staffed by hundreds of little bespectaled clerks - tiny Radar O'Rileys - who know where every sliver of information is stored. Ask a guy to make a list, the little Radars perk up and start combing through the files and collate what they find into neat little piles.

Well. . .it sounded good at the time.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: This guy was listed first in the list of "16 Guys It's OK to Hate." I wasn't surprised.

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