Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kooky Konspiracy Kidz Get KO'd

Repeatedly, that is, but always find the will to pull themselves up with the ropes, sway a little while getting balanced, then stagger and flail toward the target. Again.

Robert Bidinotto drops 'em hard in this piece on conspiracy theories in general and the 9-11 Stoners. . .er, Truthers in specific.

What completely leaves me with my jaw adrop is how the Truthers have concocted a conspiracy of such ridiculously Rube Goldbergian complexity. In their minds, the WTC buildings were rigged for controlled demolition (just exactly how and for how long, with people coming in and out of the towers at all hours, even with energy-saving mandatory lights out periods in sections of the buildings), then people were taken off three airliners and moved to a fourth, and remote-controlled versions of the jets were smashed into the towers, and a missile hit the Pentagon, and all the people taken off the three flights were put on a fourth that was shot down over Shanksville, Pennsylvania (or they were taken to an undisclosed location and are living the lives granted only to people in the Witness Protection Program or astronauts who faked the Mars landing ), and the demolition charges were set off in the WTC buildings, and they took off my legs and threw them over there, then they ripped out my chest and threw it over there! It's a twista! It's a twista!

And it was all done because (chose any one, a combination of the two, or all three):

1. G.W. Bushitlerhaliburton and his Family Who Bathes in Oil needed a pretext to invade the Middle East because they were running out of it, or

2. They (and we know who they are) want to institute a Police State where cops get to wear cool black leather uniforms and always wear helmets with visors lowered and sound like they're speaking through a broken transistor radio when they talk, or

3. The U.S. wants to invade the world to make it safe for Pepsi, Wal-Mart, lite-rock radio, and Papa John's franchises.

And to be such skeptics about the real story behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, they can't tolerate anyone being skeptical about their convoluted gardyloo. You're either so lying or, like, a big-time Shill for the Man, dude.

Another down-the-rabbit hole conspiracy meme has infested the progressive fringe. In this one, a guy named Max Blumenthal wrote a piece for the Huffington Post detailing that a shadowy, interconnected group of conservative individuals and organizations, including Libertas and the Liberty Film Festival, David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine, and a network within ABC, were behind The Path to 9/11. And now that single post has exploded into a full-length article in The Nation and a full-blown conspiracy on the various progressive sites.

The whole thing is detailed here.

Progressives and Truthers are reaching down into an empty wet barrel and can only dig their nails into the wet wood.

What they're bringing out is nothing.

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