Thursday, August 31, 2006

From One of the Cosby Kids?

I just received this annoying little chunk of spam in my Inbox:

Do not aignore me please,
Ib found your emaail sombewhere anda now decided to write you.
I am coming to your place in few weebks and thought we
can meet each other. Let me know if you do not mind.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don't reply to thibs email.
Email me direclty at

Sounds like it was written by this guy:

MushMouth, one of the Cosby Kids, who speaks in an actual gibberish language called Ubbi Dubbi.

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Or should that be "Heyb, Heyb, Heyb?"


Laura said...

Okay, did you really get an email like this. Or are you making stuff up again?

Gottafang said...

Nope. I'll forward it to you.